Sarah Cooper has always had an interest in beauty. Her interest in med spas, however, piqued when she was at a dinner in Miami and was seated beside successful med spa owners from New York. While their model was different than what one might find in the Indianapolis market, she was eager to learn more about delivering attainable luxury beauty and services that are minimally invasive, highly effective and require no down time.

“You can’t take down time if you work or are a busy parent,” says Cooper, who started connecting with people in the industry who could educate her on new and interesting technology. Cooper has consulted with physicians, aestheticians, nurses, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons to vet which services are most effective, require the least amount of down time and pain, and offer the best results.

“Every treatment has to fit our model, which is to create a space for attainable luxury beauty that is minimally invasive but highly effective with devices that are vetted because they work,” says Cooper. “That’s not the case if you can’t resume normal activities following a procedure. We’re not going to offer services that require you to take a day or a week off of work.”

What’s great about all of the services offered through Lux Lab is that they are safe (they are FDA approved) and not scary.

“This will not give you a neck lift or inner thigh lift. We’re upfront about setting expectations because we don’t want anyone to be disappointed,” says Cooper. “However, for someone looking for a non-surgical enhancement in order to feel more confident about an area that is bothering them, one of these services may be the perfect fit.”

Often clients may not know how to sort through all the options available to them making it difficult to discern how to achieve their desired results. Lux Lab makes it easy for clients by taking the guess work out of treatment options  and crafting a customized plan for each individual. If a client is trying to decide between plastic surgery or minimally invasive treatment, Lux Lab will provide guidance on that as well.


The following are services and treatments offered at Lux Lab, all performed by clinically trained and certified staff.

On the body side, they offer EMSCULPT NEO, the first non-invasive body-contouring treatment that combines enhanced HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy) with RF (radiofrequency).  In one 30 minute session it removes 30% of subcutaneous fat (fat above the muscle) and tones the abdominal muscles (each session is the equivalent of doing 24,000 crunches!)

EMSCULPT NEO is the only device on the market that has a global effect. That means you can treat your abdomen, but as it’s getting rid of some of your subcutaneous fat, it can actually work on your love handles and back fat. It goes outside of where the applicators are placed to have a more global effect whereas competing devices can sometimes look like taking a shark bite out of the area. Results with EMSCULPT NEO are much more visually appealing making it easier to accommodate someone with a higher BMI.

“It’s my favorite device,” says Cooper, 45, who started noticing after her third session that she could perform certain exercises, like burpees and plank holding, better. Not only that, but her posture has improved, her back feels stronger, and her running stride is more powerful.

Nearly everyone is most interested in targeting their abs. The next most important area for women is toning the butt, as well as triceps and inner thighs. For most men, the focus really is the abdomen, which also helps target their flanks (love handles). Meanwhile athletes are interested in not just abs, but biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings. Though their goals may depend on the sport.

“We’ve had some golfers who like the abdomen treatment because it really helps with their swing by building their core muscles and loosening up their back,” says Cooper.

TruSculpt is a fat-burning device that  permanently destroys fat in multiple areas, and has more sculpting capabilities. It can treat abdomen, flanks, back fat, and even bra fat. Cool Sculpting is similar but is very exact. For instance, with Cool Sculpting you have to have enough fat under your chin to use a template; truSculpt is not template oriented.

With truSculpt, not only can they eliminate fat there, but the radio frequency provides skin tightening benefits as well.

“One reason I love it is that you’re not fitting that fat into a template by sucking it into a device. To me it seems counterproductive to pull that skin into a device. truSculpt is more gentle and does not pull or stretch the skin in any way,” says Cooper. “Also, I feel more confident in a bikini in my mid 40s than I did in my 20s and 30s. It’s not perfect but it is enough to make me have less insecurities in a bikini, which is normal for anyone.”

“Another reason I love it is that I can work with a body type outside of a perfect BMI. The device has about a fingers width of an edge off of where the applicator is located. You don’t get that shark bite affect, which in my opinion makes you feel as if you’re always chasing a goal as opposed to achieving results on your first attempt.”

The other treatment that is highly sought after is the Secret RF (radio frequency), a collagen-stimulating skin resurfacing laser device that delivers precise, controlled energy at various depths to target patients’ most common skin concerns on the face and body.

“Again, there is no downtime involved,” says Cooper. “I got it done at 2 p.m. and had dinner with friends at 7 p.m.”

Primary treatment areas for the Secret RF are the face, neck and chest though it can be used to treat loose skin or stretch marks on the abdomen from general aging pregnancy or weight loss. It can even be used for the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Because those are the areas people want addressed, they package that all together—particularly under the chin to reduce fat there.

“We are all addicted to our phones and as a result most of the populations has tech neck going on,” says Cooper. “Plus, as we age, we store more fat there, so pairing truSculpt with Secret RF can produce amazing results.”

Clients have been so pleased with the results they have seen. Recently a handful of moms came in for a mini mommy makeover.

Kim Kardashian credits a competitor to the Secret RF for giving her her amazing stomach after her pregnancy. However, we opted for the device that fit our model, little to no downtime and more minimally invasive, with life-changing results. This device paired with some of our other devices on certain body parts can create results that are out of this world.”

“After having children, that skin gets stretched out and sometimes it’s hard to it to go back to where it needs to be,” says Cooper, who is thrilled to offer a membership model that allows clients to choose multiple services to truly address all their areas of concern in the most effective, results driven way possible. “To help new moms or anybody who has stretched out skin on their abdomen get back to a place they want to be or even better can be a real game changer for confidence.”

Cooper has a client who is a fitness instructor. Though she works out every day, there were certain things that she struggled with that were naturally hard for her. After doing the EMSCULPT NEO, however, she could tell how deeply the device could stimulate her abdominal muscles. She also used it on her glutes and could tell a noticeable difference in her runs in the way her legs were pushing off the ground.

Another female client, 41, was working with a trainer at the same time she was doing the EMSCULPT NEO for her glutes, abs, and triceps. Initially, her trainer was adamantly opposed to her using it because he thought the device would take away his clients need for personal training. Instead, he became a believer and an ambassador for the device.

“He started seeing major differences in his client’s workouts that he knew was something he didn’t deliver,” says Cooper. “The coupling of the two [EMSCULPT NEO with personal training] was absolutely incredible.”

Building core strength not only makes you look and feel better, but it also boosts your metabolism and improves your balance and posture. That’s something from which any age can benefit.