We’re all looking for the Fountain of Youth. While it doesn’t exist, we can still age gracefully, and that’s really important because with aging can come a blow to our self-esteem.

“If there’s something that can help you feel good about yourself, why not put that in your regimen?” asks Sarah Cooper, co-owner of Lux Lab. Cooper still vividly recalls the three months she spent in the NICU after her daughter was born with a cranial facial abnormality.

“I’d come in every day and put a bow on her tiny bald head, which was the size of an apple because she only weighed three pounds,” says Cooper. “I knew I wasn’t fixing her problems, but life is hard enough. If we can find ways to help ourselves feel better and more confident, I say let’s do it!”

This is precisely why Cooper decided to open a beauty salon/med spa—one that is high-end, energetic, and genderless.

“When I hear med spa, my brain goes to a sterile doctor’s office feel,” says Cooper. “The atmosphere at Lux Lab is far from sterile. We want our clients to feel wrapped in luxury.”

Located in Carmel at the new Proscenium, Lux Lab offers a sophisticated feel with an urban edge.

“Certain things feel opulent while other things are comfortable, modern and sophisticated,” says Cooper, a client herself. She works out as often as she can, but she’s also a 45-year-old woman who has endured four pregnancies.

“I still like wine and pizza, and my metabolism isn’t the same as it was when I was 25,” says Cooper. “If I can find something that can help me feel better, I’m interested.”

Finding those things can be tough, however. Sure, we may hear about various diets, services, and procedures, but finding one that is trusted, proven, and affordable is another story. This is why every device that’s used at Lux Lab is FDA proven to produce results.

“Beauty has evolved dramatically over the last decade,” says Cooper. “Social media has changed everything because our access to what’s available and what’s trending makes things go viral so quickly, which creates a new trend every day it seems.”

She points to Vidal Sassoon.

“He created haircuts, and that changed beauty as we knew it,” she says.

The same is true of hair color. Currently, the California beach vibe with a more natural look is all the rage. Salons and stylists have to figure out how to do all of that and do it well because in the beauty industry, you have to constantly adapt or risk becoming obsolete. This is precisely why in addition to master stylist Corey Sleet, who oversees the hair department at Lux Lab, Cooper also hired Creative Director, Lexi McCracken (@hairbylexidawn), who will be heading up the education program at Lux Lab. For example, coloring hair extensions is extremely difficult. Cooper knows of Indiana bloggers who fly to the west coast to get their extensions done because the process is so precise.

“Coloring extensions to match your lived-in color is popular right now,” says Cooper. “Lexi is an expert in this, quite frankly like no one I have ever seen. Having someone who can train on that, we want her to be able to help others duplicate the process.”

By educating and training staff, they gain the expertise needed for us to provide certain services within our membership model and make pricing more flexible, hence some of our membership packages.

Hollywood Secrets Become Attainable Luxury Services

“It’s very common for anyone with a special trade to want to hold their secrets close,” says Cooper. “The way our education program works, we’re teaching that process because we want everyone to be able to excel. We’re not holding back trade secrets.”

The same is true on the med spa side, which is a win for everyone. Clients not only get the membership perks along with the freebies, but they also get access to an entirely different pricing structure than would traditionally be offered.

At Lux Lab it is all about access to attainable luxury beauty that is minimally invasive and highly effective. Lux Lab knows the behind-the-scenes secrets that keep much of Hollywood’s elite looking spectacular.

And speaking of behind the scenes, have you ever wondered how 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez’s abs can look so amazing? Yes, she works out and eats right, but her secret weapon is using the EMSCULPT NEO weekly.

“We know people’s secrets, and while we don’t have JLo’s same budget, we can still obtain that look and regimen more easily now with Lux’s attainable beauty model, the LUX PASS,” says Cooper.

These treatments and services are no longer just for the Hollywood elite and high-profile athletes. Now we, too, have access to services that focus on fat destruction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, brown spot removal, hair removal, hair growth, and more. And that was important to Cooper because when she was learning about highly effective, minimally invasive services, she made sure to include in her research ways to bring these services to the general public.

“I wasn’t interested in offering them to just a segment of the population,” she says. “It goes back to our mission of delivering attainable luxury beauty to the whole community.”

Then there are those treatments that are truly life-altering. Take EMSELLA, for example—a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and sexual wellness. It’s a device that focuses on the pelvic floor muscles; every session is the equivalent of doing 14,000 Kegel exercises. Cooper had a client who was on incontinence medication for five years. Her self-confidence was so low that she stopped dating and was wearing Depends.

“She just wasn’t feeling good about herself,” says Cooper. After one EMSELLA session, however, she texted Cooper out of the blue, three weeks later, and said she was off the medicine. The only change was EMSELLA, she had nothing else to attribute it to but the treatment.

Not surprisingly, people are uncomfortable talking about pelvic floor health, but the truth of the matter is that it can profoundly affect your life and well-being. For instance, for men struggling with prostate issues, EMSELLA treatments can reduce the urge to urinate. Cooper wants these treatments to become part of their brand where clients can, for instance, have a treatment done in a private room while their color is processing.

A long-term goal of Cooper’s is to get the devices that focus on core to floor muscles into assisted living communities. Stronger cores lead to less falls and more stability, while stronger pelvic floors lead to less incontinence and more confidence. Add in sexual wellness benefits as well, and who doesn’t want that!

“I think that core strengthening could be life changing or life extending,” says Cooper.