Sarah Cooper used to joke with her friends that beauty is an endless cycle of treatments. Once they get all of their services done from hair color and anti-frizz treatments to botox, facials, and body work, it is time to do it all over again.

The process can certainly feel overwhelming (and expensive)! You may want fat reduction, muscle toning, skin tightening, laser hair removal, and brown spot removal but have no clue where to start or how to afford it.

This is where the team at Lux Lab Hair + Body can help guide you. Much like an interior designer who helps coordinate the details of your home, the Lux team (which includes a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner and registered nurses), helps clients pull together a customized plan for each individual. They offer proven protocols that are based on your desired outcome with access to attainable packages as a Lux Member with your Lux Pass.

“The areas of your body that make you feel insecure are what we want to focus on, so we come up with a customized plan to help you get to be where you want to be,” says Cooper, co-owner of Lux Lab. “In our consultations we say, ‘Here’s what we suggest based on your concerns and why.’”

So, How Does Membership Work at Lux?

With your Lux Pass, you can purchase packages available to Lux Members only. This allows you to treat more areas with more devices in a more wallet friendly way. Not to mention all the perks that come along with your Lux Pass such as exclusive deals and even complimentary services we all want!

“It’s all about bringing attainable luxury beauty to our clients,” says Cooper, ” and we recognize that all of these services are not in everyone’s budget.”

Therefore she came up with a monthly membership model that offers exclusive Members Only pricing at LLHB. For a nominal monthly fee, you have access to aggressive pricing designed to get clients into protocols, with services they crave, that give them lasting results that they can afford. The perks are out of this world too, and make the membership more than worth the price… almost 4x worth the cost of it! Perks include complimentary monthly blowouts*, two complimentary TruSculpt ID treatments ($1500 value) to permanently eliminate fat under the chin/neck area, one complimentary Diamond Glow facial ($195 value), 15% off all retail products, and $75 EmSella treatments as needed ($450 value per treatment) to address incontinence and/or sexual wellness issues for men and women of all ages.

“For a lot of women, we get into this cycle where as soon as we get our color done and our extensions moved up, it’s time to do it all over again,” says Cooper. “And that’s not counting things for our faces or our bodies!”

Various membership packages help clients accommodate this cycle of beauty while also offering the best quality, best atmosphere, and best location. With the Lux Pass, clients may purchase specially priced packages for all body contouring, muscle toning, pelvic floor tightening, skin tightening, hair removing and injectable services. The membership is designed for someone who is ready to take their beauty and wellness journey into their own hands and start their transformation.

“There are options for everyone and benefits to doing it either way,” says Cooper.

In addition, clients receive perks at different levels of membership. For instance, you will receive a complimentary under the chin treatment for “tech neck” as well as laser genesis treatment, which is the Red Carpet facial.

According to Cooper, services like Botox and hair extensions have changed what is necessary to fit in the beauty budget for every individual. Universally, most everyone is interested in shrinking fat and toning and tightening skin. However, while we all have similar needs, we want to address different areas of concern. She maintains that whether it is Botox or another seemingly luxury service, it is built into a lot of people’s quarterly budgets. With the Lux Pass, you will see just how attainable luxury beauty can be.

“We look at how we can change things in the long run for our clients,” says Cooper.Whether it is a two year program, a multi-session service, or a full head-to-toe beauty maintenance package, our tailored suite of minimally invasive yet highly effective services will help you find true beauty, confidence, and happiness within yourself.